In search of suaveness…


In the midst of the despicable realm, losing my voice, you need to find a place where you can assert your canny as well as uncanny thoughts. Similarly, I came in search to find my lost voice, which comes straight from my soul, where I don’t need to forge to be a part of the society.

Peace has become like a great dream for us. The calmness we used to have has vanished with the rapidly changing world and alongwith it truthfulness and humanity has also followed it. We just fake around to be considered normal. No matter what, our every decision definitely has an impact of society. Social life is just to say, everyone tries to create a false image of themselves to fit in.

For us sophisticated beings mean to behave according to the people around us, no one has their own personality. Each of us are masked with imitation under the masks of our identity.And so, maybe I’m here to justify myself, breathe freely and to create a difference. I hope you relate to my words. Maybe you’re too trying to unmask yourself like me.

Thank you !

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Maybe I would have been a different person today,
If I’d learn to let go things.
Maybe, I did be a happier person.

If I had stopped to let everything hurt me.
Maybe, I would have been a different person,
If I stopped caring what people think.
Maybe, I think everyday.

Maybe, if I stopped believing in things,
That someone is out there to save me.
Maybe, if I stop waiting,
For everything to fell in right place.
Maybe, the day my soul will appease.

Maybe, if I put it in my head deep,
That nothing is going to get back in place.
Maybe, if I learn to slaughter my hope,
I’d be better off then.

The person I’ve become

For days, I’ve been sitting in dark
Cluelessly, I wonder why am I not wondering.
As nothing around me is a matter to me
And still scared I’m to step out.

No other feelings reach my heart
Only thing I act for is the sole grief;
It’s the only concern I surmise in brief.
The only concern that counts.

The march till here is blurry,
The only life I see is of a morose
Right now, I’m completely froze
And somehow I still run myself and bury.

Moments where I hunt for clearity,
All I find is voidness and darkness
As if there is no unraveling
To my endless grieving



Many people have their fantasy of a perfect imaginary world. Actually, we all have. There is this distant niche created in our mind which we want to visit but knows that this ain’t gonna happen!

I, too, have a fantasy of an imperfect place. A place where problem exists but I have the power to face it. A lay where I can go through struggles with someone along: where I’m not forced to bury my thoughts fearing judgements. A place where i fail but have the courage to get up and succeed. A place where minimal hatred exists, apparently hatred can’t be eradicated. A place where i can express myself freely. A place where I’m able to do anything i want. A place where ego doesn’t come between relations. A place where I’m confident and my self esteem is at its best. A place where i can claim to be a happy person and not a sadist. A place where i can push negative people away and can burn negative thoughts. A place where negation always loses. A place where I love my body the way it is.

Well, fantasy never always comes true and that is my fantasy is what it is – unrealistic. I can safely say that it is my fictional fantasy or fantasy is always fictional. But, is it ?
All my fantasy conveys is that I dance my heart out, gleefully, even though i don’t how to!
What does your fantasy imply ?


Hi,  I’m back with another blog. This time again I got hit by a random thought and went to overthink about it! But, that’s the way I function, without overthinking, hyping things, my day seems so incomplete. I’m my favourite person to talk to.

I may say that I go to myself for things I’m confused because I’m my favourite person but do I have a choice? We talk about things which seem “cool” according to society. We have stopped discussing the real matters, something that really bothers us, to each other. We have let the judgemental idealogies so much into us that we no more see it as a problem. Infact, we glare at ourselves when we do something that is odd according to the society.

We tag ourselves as progressive because we agree to the open ideas of gender equality and modern customs and technology. If a person adorns contemporary garments, he/she is seen as modernistic person but if the same person carry a traditional indian attire, he/she is automatically labelled as narrow-minded. Outer appearance is the only thing we need to decide whether he/she is capable of becoming your friend. You need to constantly maintain a bright face because people don’t bother about what actually you’re going through but they love to see you whine about all the foolish crunch.

Earlier there was a maturity to how we behaved with people. But now with the development of social media, there’re creeps who indecently blab to  people anonymously because obviously he knows, no one is ever going to discover him.

Genuinely, we are becoming more narrow-minded with proportion to the constantly developing technology. We have misunderstood the concept of modernization, progression and liberation .

We people don’t have a real life, what we have is an amazing social media life. We have stopped smiling naturally and have started posing in various ways which even professional models don’t try. We are scared to show our real selves to the mass because it might make us look “non-classy”. We are judged by the number of followers we have, also with the captions we use on our images. These are the things which makes you look eligible to befriend people. You always need to have a smiling face, keep your fashion sense up because that’s what makes you look cool. And if you’re unable to do any of this you might end up destroying your self esteem and side yourselves to a corner because people only want to have connections with the likeable people. You can show your most amazing life on social media even though you have the most boring life. Actually, we create a fascinating life and in reality we lead the most colourless life. But hey! We have to pretend, right, to be on the top?

When we go to a place, we are only occupied by capturing all the minute details in which we forget to live the amazing moments. Earlier, clicking photos was the secondary task but now if you don’t have any images of a place you visited, people don’t really believe you; the latter acts like your proof.

We really need to sit back once and ponder upon what actually we’re trying to do and why we are trying to do it. We just have this one life which shouldn’t be spent on judging, comparing and faking it. Also, we need to start talking about the real issues we have and deal with it maturely and help others too, to overcome it.

A glimpse to her insight…

At the age of frolic,

All she did was panic.

Neither did she hop,

Nor did she shriek.

A deserted bosom

She had become.

Worrying became her hobby,

Gaiety, her distant fantasy.

You try to bring her back,

She will run away from you.

Distateful Survival…

Well, writing my next blog after so long! 

There have been things keeping me busy and it’s so draining emotionally.  Life brings us so many ups and downs but sometimes, don’t we feel that it’s only disappointments and nothing else. But they say there are massive good times ahead. 

However, sometimes these bad times become part of your normal routine and you get so habituated to it that it’s impossible to get into any other environment. Well, it’s the case with me and many others. I, often, find different situations around me and initially I’m too excited to be a part of any other stage but when I’m actually present there I find myself speechless. It cringes to be there and I find ways to get out of there and go to that adapted atrocious life. It sucks but it feels that it is where you belong. You don’t feel like changing the situation, yet you feel like changing the situation. 

We do hear about how it is so arduous for some people to recover from the loss of their loved ones or the ordeal people go through when they part their ways be it any relationship. We tend to think they overdo the act of suffering but somewhere maybe they’re actually finding it too strenuous to accept the shift of things on their life. Let us not judge these people.

Anyway, my main aim is to address how stressful yet  favourable it is to be stuck in a long painful situation.  If you’re in any such situation, please get over it, it’s destroying you slowly and share it with someone who you think is mature enough to listen you. 

Let all of us resolve to get on a happier side this year and leave our agony and angst behind.

Thank you, if you find it good, like and share it. 😃


Since morning something has been disturbing me and knowing what has been disturbing me, you might too get stuck in the dilemma. There are so many unwanted incidents that has happened with me, you and us. Moreover, they are such that it keeps saddening us almost everytime. Sometimes, we get past them, sometimes we cannot. But yes, it gets attached to our lives. 

Pondering about it, all of a sudden a question struck me, WHY ME ? What was my fault that I have to go through that desolution . But alas ! I don’t have the answers to it .

Often, we ask ourselves why us ? Beacuse, many times we don’t deserve to go through that trouble but unfortunately we cannot avoid it and have to  suffer the agony.  

Poor us ! 

However, do we ever ask ourselves when we witness all the joys of world, ‘why me’ ? No, we don’t ! Oh what a fluster ! Maybe, this is the biggest unsolved mystery of our life that who holds the power to give us pain and on the other hand make us perceive the contentment . 

If you know, who beholds the power, please let me know in the comment section and please shower your likes too! If you’re liking my blogs then please share it and recommend it to your friends. 


It had been so long, I updated something and I’m resentful for that. I had been busy with exams, that I couldn’t invest my time in writing.

So this evening, I just came across a person who has a big contribution in making me more reserved, less of confidence. Oh ! It hurts so deep to see someone who tormented you. My heart skipped a beat at the sight of that person, I suddenly felt the pain in my heart but I was helpless. Yes, I moved on but it still gave me the same grievance it did years ago but a little less.
Maybe, I became more courageous to stand my mistakes, enemies and some annoying people. Actually, you have no choice, you have to stand them, you have to undergo a major flashback of your tragic past. And, courage, is what you require to get over it and face it.  These days, I have been wondering a lot about my definition about courage, what it meant to be and what it actually is.

Courage is when we decide to do something new, something adventurous. Courage is when we trust somebody whole heartedly. Courage is when you learn how to control your emotions. Courage is when you decide to be different, when you embark on a voyage all by yourself. Courage is required to even start a conversation and yes, we have that power, only we have to find it and utilise it in productive way.

We can help ourselves but we need to just find our inner strength.
Meet you next time, keep reading. 

Darkness Behind The Dream City..


 The great urban life of Mumbai left me in dilemma. Being tagged as ‘ a city that never sleeps ‘ amused me with its nocturnal activities. The speedily running life of people, where even they don’t have the piece of moment to recollect what just happened with them. Always in a hurry, citizens here get into competitions just to prove their societal standards, not their individual desires. Who said urbanization freed us from the judgemental society. Instead it dragged us more into the censorious pool. The two divided mindsets of antiquity and modernity made it more dirtier. 
You can’t be comfortable in your skin because you need to have fashion according to the rapidly changing trends. Trends ! You not only need  to transform your personality but also your diction. The minds of people becoming monotonous, public gatherings are no more pleasant to attend. The city, once considered as the rapidly progressing place, has justified itself, that the progress was only meant to be technological. If you ponder upon it deeply, you might anticipate we’ve been stepping backwards morally, humanity taking a backseat .

   But still, there are few humanly people still alive and we can see them in discrete forms. Taking care of animals,being polite even with the non deserving ones, going out of the box to be there for their loved ones is what I find quite humanly. This city makes you go through almost crazy things. The life over here is always suprising. 

  But oh ! We love this city despite of its oddity. The diversity, amenities which has reached the international level, opportunities is what seems so alluring over here. Also, like calm people we tend to ignore the wrong things too. But yes, we can reconstruct it into a better place just by changing ourselves into morally responsible citizens.

Thank you ! 

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